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The companies act 1956, Memorandum of association of Smart Site Land Developers Inidia Limited
1: The name of the company Smart Site Land Developers Inidia Limited.
2: The registered office of the company is situated in Kanpur the state of Uttar Pradesh.
3: The objective for which company established are:

Main Object To Be Pursued By The Company
1. To carry on the business of promoters, builders, developers, colonizers, contractors, engineers, ccupiers,lessees, owners, maintainers(s) and mortgagors of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, houses, bungalows, quarters, colonies, flats, offices, mills, factories, workshops, warehouses, godsons, multiples, hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, shops, stalls, markets and any other structure or construction and to deal in all kinds of immovable properties whether belonging to the company or not.

2: To purchase, sale, take on lease, give on lease, acquire, transfer, mortgage, charge, assign, let out, hire, sublet or subleases, deal, own, hold, occupy, act as an agent of any land, building, agricultural land, flats, commercial building and any other immovable property or movable property and to plan layout, construct, erect, build, develop, improve, renovate, repair, remodel, demolish, decorate, furnish, pull down, subdivide all types of land, plots buildings, roads of any nature and description and wherever situated and civil construction work of every description on any land of the company or upon any other lands of immovable property.

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